Keep It Super Simple: Financial Planning Tips with Darren Scrimpshire

Hello Huddle Haven Team!  Welcome to a new edition of our KISS episode = Keep It Super Simple!  We focus on helping our communities slow-down & take a breath, reset & recharge, and prioritize what is truly important.
Our theme this week is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!  This is a topic that touches all generations; from Baby-Boomers to Gen-Z, all should take notes this week.
Our good friend Darren Scrimpshire, VP-MassMutual South Texas gives the audience some excellent financial planning tips & tools to consider.  He does a great job of targeting specific priorities for each stage in your life & your career.
After we visit with Darren, we take a look at “Super Simple” Financial Coaching “plays” people should be calling in able to score the Financial Freedom they desire.
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Cool products, places and insight from the world’s most prolific shopper (and my wife) Rhonda.  This week…a special focus on “The Total Money Makeover” and The Budget By Paycheck Workbook.

Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover”
The Budget Mom: The Budget By Paycheck Workbook Printable Download,

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