The 3-P’s to Empowerment with Burgandy and Trey Rinker of MACROWORKS Nutrition

The 3-P’s to Empowerment with Burgandy and Trey Rinker of MACROWORKS Nutrition

Welcome Huddle Haven Team!  Our guests this week are an absolute joy to be around.  They have such a cool story of success, both from a fitness standpoint, as well as from a business perspective.  Burgandy and Trey Rinker, Owners & Operators of MACROWORKS, a health / nutrition company focused on helping clients manage their weight through diet & nutrition coaching.

MACROWORKS incorporates a unique, specific food measuring and monitoring process that allows individuals to develop appropriate daily-weekly-monthly goals.  Most impressive is, this couple truly “walks-the-walk.”  Over the last 18 months, they have lost a combined 180 pounds by following the discipline they preach to their customers.

We can’t wait for them to share their inspiring story; giving us all insight on how to optimize our 3P’s:  Physical, Personal & Professional Wellbeing.


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Remember…Hang in there…Hope is on the way!



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