Bucket List Living with Trey and Paula Thrash of The Thrash Ranch

013 Bucket List Living with Trey and Paula Thrash of The Thrash Ranch

Hello Huddle Haven Team!  This is another Bucket-List-Living episode…we are shining a red-hot-spotlight on individuals who are livin’ like they are dyin’…not wasting a single day in checking things, big and small off their bucket lists.

It was so nice to huddle up over some cold brews & red wine with a couple that we love and admire! Trey and Paula Thrash always have been and continue to be a pretty cool hang.

We’ve always looked up to Trey and Paula as fabulous friends, as parents we admire, and as astute business professionals.  This couple has paved a really cool path that so many of us should try to follow.

Now that they are “empty nesters” they are definitely livin’ the dream.  They recently headed out to the wild, wild west for a road trip:  46 Days, 11 States, 9 National Parks, and 8,220 miles…what a great way to conquer COVID claustrophobia!

In addition, to hearing some great insight from Trey & Paula, we’ll take a look at some other cool Bucket List adventures and recommendations.




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Remember…Hang in there…Hope is on the way!

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