Bucket List Livin’ with author Amanda Shelton

018 Bucket List Livin’ with author Amanda Shelton

Hello Huddle Haven Team!  A very Happy Thanksgiving week to all.  During this time of trials and tribulations, let’s stop sweating the small stuff, and start smelling the roses.

Rhonda and I are thrilled to welcome Amanda Shelton; someone who truly reflects Bucket List Livin’—living life to fullest each day.  She is very “thankful” to be a mom, wife, realtor, author, social-media strategist, and life coach.

Amanda has a great story of transforming her career, and is a great example of someone who has leveraged this COVID timeout to maximize opportunities.  As author of:  “6 Steps to Your God Given Purpose” she understands that life’s challenges are unique and complex.  She believes we should navigate our God given purpose with helpful tools…a guide.  Amanda’s goal = to serve people by helping them find their personal & professional calling.

Please welcome self-proclaimed “Hot-Southern-Mess”, Amanda Shelton.



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