Body Barre with Paige Erwin

021 Body Barre with Paige Erwin

Hey Huddle Haven Team, we’re delighted to be featuring Paige Erwin, founder and owner of Body Barre in Houston, Texas.

Paige studied musical theatre and dance and has performed on and off Broadway for over 20 years. She has toured all over the world including, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, and cities all over the US.

As a dancer, a healthy lifestyle has always been important to Paige and she’s worked to incorporate physical fitness into her performance career and into her everyday life. She has been a personal trainer / instructor; and she is certified in both Yoga and Barre.

Paige believes Barre offers the perfect combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet to keep the body defined, lengthened, and strong. When Paige moved back home to Texas in 2012, she realized a need for Barre Instruction in South Texas and created Body Barre, opening her first studio in 2017. Body Barre also offers Instructor Certification nationwide.

Enjoy the conversation with Paige, she is a “Barre” expert. To her, Body Barre  is not just a method or a form of exercise; it’s a passion.

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