All Things Enneagram with Sarajane Case

022 All Things Enneagram with Sarajane Case

Today’s episode is all things Enneagram. If you are not familiar with the enneagram, it is a personality typology tool which everyone identifies as a number from 1 to 9. I love the enneagram and am so excited to introduce our guest / expert, Sarajane Case. She is the author of “The Honest Enneagram”, she is a speaker, and creator of the podcast Enneagram and Coffee. Sarajane developed the HONEST method for Enneagram as a tool for self-exploration, expression, and entrepreneurship.

A type seven herself, Case enjoys helping others know who they truly are and how they orient in the world and wants us to learn how to utilize your Enneagram personality type in order to have an authentic relationship with yourself, celebrate who you truly are, and enhance all personal & professional relationships.

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