Jordan Jonas, winner of the History Channel’s, “Alone Season 6”


How long do you think you could make it out in the wilderness?  Listeners…be honest, how long could you make it out in the middle of nowhere…with only some primitive tools at your disposal?  Well we’ve got a very special guest joining us this week…Jordan Jonas made it 77 days & nights in the Canadian Arctic—he won Season 6 of the History Channels top-rated show” Alone”…hunting moose, rabbits, squirrels…ice fishing….and fighting off wolverines and the bitter cold…you need to check out Jordan’s badassness on Netflix—Alone-Season 6. Beyond his recent celebrity, Jordan is such an impressive and interesting guy; he grew up in Idaho.  He spent his formative years in some beautiful country where he fell in love with nature. At 19 years old, he spent a year riding freight trains across the US—literally a self-described Hobo–spending countless days and nights navigating both rural and urban environments.  After his cross-country journey, he left for Russia where he would spend the better part of the next ten years living in Siberia in villages, with fur trappers, and traditional nomadic reindeer herders. This is where Jordan would learn the art of survival – not as taught in classes, but as lived day in and day out by people whose existence depends on those skills.  And now…he’s dedicated his life to teaching others how to survive in the wild—hosting all kinds of “survival camps” throughout the year. Talk about someone who exemplifies Bucket List Livin’…we can’t wait for y’all to meet Jordan Jonas.


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