Hans Manzke, author of “For All: Democratizing Big Ideas”

027 Hans Manzke, author of “For All: Democratizing Big Ideas”

If you’re a Manager, Leader or Influencer; or an aspiring Manager, Leader or Influencer in any business or industry…we think you’ll appreciate what our guest today has to say.

Hans Manzke, is the author of “For All:  Democratizing Big Ideas”; he is a Leadership Consultant with The Clearing, a management consulting firm that serves public, private, government, and social sector organizations.

Hans is a certified expert in Strategy Development and Execution, Change Management and Organizational Culture, Leadership Development & Team Effectiveness, and Strategic Communications and Analytics.

We’re excited to talk “Big Ideas” with Hans!  He believes that EVERYONE no matter what stage in life, or status in society, should have access to what our world’s best minds have to offer.

We all need some enlightenment in 2021, please listen and enjoy our visit with Hans Manzke.





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