Mary Ruddick, CNC, Will Enable Your Healing

038 Mary Ruddick, CNC, Will Enable Your Healing!

Mary Ruddick, CNC, dubbed the “Sherlock Holmes of Health,” is a seasoned medical nutritionist who specializes in metabolic, immune, and nervous system disorders. She is the Director of Nutrition for, Enable Your Healing, The REIGNS Method, and the Back to Joy Program, and she currently travels the globe studying traditional diets and seeing patients onlive via her private practice.

Mary specializes in rebalancing the microbiome by addressing nutritional and epigenetic aspects that underlie various physical and mental health disorders.   She is a specialist in the field of autoimmunity, histamine intolerance (MCAD), mental disorders, and nervous system disorders to include dysautonomia and seizure disorders.

She is the owner of Enable Your Healing, and runs several programs including: Systems that Heal ,  Cows for Kids, and The Back to Joy Program.

Having used both lifestyle and dietary changes on her own miraculous healing journey, she is an inspirational example of the power of practicing “functional wellness”—enjoy our conversation with Mary Ruddick!

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