Bree McKeen-CEO, Evelyn & Bobbie, Gets S*** Done!

044 Bree McKeen-CEO, Evelyn & Bobbie, Gets S*** Done!

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Ricky and I knew we’d like Bree McKeen, CEO of Evelyn & Bobbie the second we met her.  When we asked what she did for a living she responded, “Well, I make bras and panties for strong, beautiful women that like to get shit done!”

Bree grew up in a small town with a “Do it Yourself” philosophy. She studied Anthropology and Social Science Methodology at Stanford for undergrad, and later returned to Stanford Graduate School of Business for her Masters.

Her early career was rooted in human-centered research & design, followed by work in healthcare and financial investing. Before founding Evelyn & Bobbie, she was a Managing Partner at a boutique investment firm in Silicon Valley focused on emerging technologies in digital health.

While in Silicon Valley, she was inspired by her own daily discomfort to find a better solution than the underwire bras that poked, pinched and strained. Reaching back to her “make it yourself” roots, she decided to do something about it and launched Evelyn & Bobbie in 2013.

Even the Evelyn and Bobbie logo can be viewed as a wonderful representation of what the company is all about.  How beauty and purpose are inextricably linked. Evelyn and Bobbie exists to amplify a woman’s beauty by providing products that you can forget about – products that don’t get in the way, so you can live each day with purpose.

Bree and her team believe there are more solutions than problems. They aspire to achieve innovation that feels like magic, designing and creating the most comfortable, inclusive, and innovative intimates in the world.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Bree McKeen.
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