American Farmland Trust: No Farms, No Food, No Future

046 American Farmland Trust: No Farms, No Food, No Future

Hello HH Team!  Thrilled you’re with us this week.

American Farmland Trust was founded in 1980 to save America’s farms and ranches.

They created the conservation agriculture movement, which speaks for the land—and for the people who grow our food. As the movement’s leaders, they have three priorities: protecting agricultural land, promoting environmentally sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land.

This week our guest is Billy Van Pelt, who is the Director of External Relations and a Senior Advisor for American Farmland Trust.

Billy works with major donors throughout the Southeast, presents at conferences and meetings of allied organizations; and secures partnerships and sponsorships to increase AFT’s visibility across the region. Before joining AFT, he ran his own government relations firm. During this time, he served as the founding CEO of Woodford Forward, a land use advocacy organization. As a landscape architect, he worked in both the private and public sectors, including over a decade as the director of a farmland protection program in Lexington, Kentucky, where he conserved 28,000 acres.

Billy gives us wonderful insight into how we all need to do our part in saving our farms, our food, and our future.  

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