Tom O’Neill author of “Chaos; The CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties” Bonus Episode

049 Tom O’Neill author of “Chaos; The CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties” Bonus Episode

Welcome Huddle Haven Team to a very heavy-hearted, BONUS EPISODE.  We do our best to get through this without becoming too emotional.  Best to avoid having any “young ears” listening to this one–we’ll be discussing some pretty graphic, horrific historical events.

Our BONUS EPISODE features Investigative Journalist Tom O’Neill, Author of the book: Chaos; The CIA, and the secret history of the 60’s.

Listeners will hear Tom tell another side, or “the rest of the story” regarding Charles Manson, and the monstrous murders his followers committed in the late sixties.  His relentless determination and commitment to obtaining a mountain of facts that had gone “unreported” over the years tell a profound, sad, and scary story.  Tom brings to light Manson’s connections to the Hollywood elite of the 60’s, exposes crooked law enforcement and prosecutors, and most troubling, O’Neill shines a bright light on the CIA and their infamous association with mind-control.

Additionally, this is a very personal episode for us…in particular, Rhonda and her family.  On July 4, 1954, Rhonda’s aunt Chere Jo Horton (age 3) was brutally raped and murdered.  Jimmy Shaver, a flight instructor and airman at Lackland-AFB in San Antonio, with no history of violence was arrested, convicted and ultimately executed by electric chair in 1958 for committing the horrific crime against Chere Jo.  In Tom’s book, he links this case to the CIA’s “MK-Ultra” Mind Control Program.


Joe Rogan Experience # 1459with Tom O’Neill: