Taylor Collins, co-founder of Epic Provisions & Roam Ranch discusses the 3P’s (Physical, Personal, and Professional Wellbeing)

020 Hey Huddle Haven Team, we’re thrilled to be featuring Taylor Collins & Katie Forrest this week.  A powerhouse husband / wife team that co-founded EPIC Provisions and Roam Ranch.  They could be featured as Mentor Models, a couple livin’ their dream–their day to day is all about Bucket List Livin’; and they most certainly exemplify individuals that are optimizing their 3P’s–Physical, Personal and Professional wellbeing.

We were stoked that Taylor was able to sit down with us at his beautiful home on the range—ROAM RANCH.  What a resume this couple has:  They met in HS, went to college together, both became elite endurance athletes, and both proved to be super savvy entrepreneurs.  They started a commercial recycling company while in college; then launched a “vegan” snack company making energy bars; but after their health began to deteriorate as vegans…they hit the reset button, not only to improve their health but also used their experience to reset their company.  This is when EPIC Provisions was born—offering unique and nutritional meat / protein snacks.  EPIC was so successful, in 2016 General Mills made them an offer they could not refuse.

Katie and Taylor started ROAM RANCH in 2017—located in the heart of the majestic Texas Hill Country, ROAM RANCH sits on hundreds of acres in Fredericksburg, TX.  The cool thing about ROAM RANCH is the couple’s commitment to land regeneration.  All their animals have the ability to roam freely, sharing pastures, ensuring all play a specific role that supports the health of the land.  They raise bison, cattle, goats, hogs, chicken, turkey, and ducks—all are free range, pastured-raised, 100% grass fed, and free of added hormones and antibiotics. Most importantly, their animals are managed in a way that creates a net-positive return on the planet.

Enjoy the conversation with Taylor, he explains how he and Katie are changing the world one meal and one ranch at a time. 

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