“Friday Night Lights” Mentor Models episode explores Texas High School Football

o11 “Friday Night Lights” Mentor Models episode explores Texas High School Football


Hello Huddle Haven Team!  Envision the sight of glowing stadium lights just over the horizon…take in a deep breath to smell freshly cut Bermuda grass…hear the sound of a marching band playing or cheerleaders cheering…and embrace the feel of Fall.  It is that time of year, the slight chill in the air only enhances the excitement felt as the gridiron gladiators hit the field to honor a true to Texas tradition, “Friday Night Lights.”

In this episode we look at 3 MENTOR MODELS.  These gentlemen are true leaders and influencers who are literally changing the world, one athlete at a time.  All know the old saying, “…any man can be a father…but it takes someone special to be a daddy.”  I feel the same way about great Coaches.

Regardless of your profession or path in life, we can all learn lessons from individuals who take the time to care, who devote their lives to lifting others up, people who invest in relationships, knowing potential can and will be fully realized when you create a climate unity, when you surround talent with tools, and when you seek serve others = the entire team is elevated!

You will hear from 3 of my heroes, all Texas High School Coaches; but all have taken distinctly different paths.  You’ll hear what it is like to coach in tiny-town Texas, where you have a small pool of athletes; and you’re relying on them to play multiple sports all year long.  You’ll hear what it is like to devote a career to the inner-city student-athlete; where kids not only need football, in some cases they need a family.  Finally, you’ll hear what it is like to lead athletic programs at schools with 3,000-4,000 students with massive followings.

Here we go team, “Clear Eyes…Full Hearts…Can’t Lose!”

Consider supporting charitable opportunities through the Texas High School Coaches Association.

Music: “Your Hand In Mine” Explosions in the Sky

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