Geoffrey Woo, Co-Founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N., discusses the 3-P’s of Empowerment

012 Geoffrey Woo, Co-Founder and Executive Chair of H.V.M.N., discusses the 3-P’s of Empowerment

Hello Huddle Haven Team!  Our guest this week is exceptional!  Geoffrey Woo (Geoff) is co-founder and Executive Chair of HVMN—Health Via Modern Nutrition.

Coolest part about Geoff is he’s fired up about fitness, has a passion for nutrition, and is a very savvy business professional.  He, along with co-founder Michael Brandt and the entire HVMN team are dedicated to the following mission:  Elevating individuals to ascend to the top of their field, helping world-class athletes set a new world records, guiding society as a whole to cultivate a long, healthy life.  At HVMN they redefine the limits of human performance, metabolism, and longevity.

People may recognize Geoff from his recent appearance in the Netflix documentary, UnWell.  Yes, he was the superstar rocking pullups in the office and sprinting through the streets of San Francisco.  In addition to his leadership role at HVMN, Geoff hosts the HVMN Podcast, a Top 50 Nutrition Podcast Apple, Youtube, Google, and Spotify.

So all of you out there need to get ready to take some serious notes; Geoff is gonna take us to school and educate us on how to optimize our 3P’s–physical, personal & professional wellbeing.  Please welcome, biohacking badass…Geoff Woo.


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