Country Music Sensation & USAF Veteran Deanna Wheeler

009 Country Music Sensation & USAF Veteran Deanna Wheeler

Welcome Huddle Haven Team to a Bucket-List-Livin’ episode that will make your heart sing!  We are shining a red-hot-spotlight on individuals who are livin’ like they are dyin’ and not wasting a single day in checking things…big & small off their bucket lists.

This week, we are lucky to have a literal “rock-star”, or better said “country-star” join us.  Deanna Wheeler @deannawheelermusic is a California native, but it didn’t take her long to figure out “home” is Deep in the Heart of Texas. 

Deanna is a USAF Veteran who was critically injured in Afghanistan, she has an incredible story of determination & survival.  There is no doubt listeners will be inspired by her personal, military and musical journey.

Musically, her vocal style melds the sounds of country, fiery gypsy and classic rock.  Deanna commands the stage when she performs and did the same on this podcast.  We loved our visit with her!

Check out her music on Spotify and Apple Music, and look for her new album to be released this Friday, September 25th (her birthday). You can find and follow Deanna Wheeler on Instagram @deannawheelermusic and on Facebook at Wheeler Deanna.
Songs featured: “Through the Fire” and “Light up to Live”


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Songs featured: “Callin'” and “Planet Drip”

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Remember…Hang in there…Hope is on the way!


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