Huddle Haven Pays Tribute To Those Who Wear Blue

017 Huddle Haven Pays Tribute To Those Who Wear Blue

In this MENTOR MODEL episode, we pay tribute to a true leader & influencer who changes the world each day.  We feature a good friend, and great example of someone who’s dedicated his professional life to service–he’s literally saving lives on a daily basis.

For many years now he’s worked as Police Officer in some of the toughest Metro areas in the state of Texas.  He’s the kind of guy who left a cushy corporate job because he felt a calling.  He calls his rationale “corny” but I call it heroic.  He had a passion to protect people, and to give communities a sense of safety.  He’s also the kind of guy that has put a strong stiff-arm to various promotional opportunities, completely content in his role as a Patrol Sargent because it gives him the opportunity to coach many young officers.

We hope all those listening to this episode will take this in with an open ears, open eyes, open minds, and open hearts.  It has become way to convenient to take sides lately; far too easy to either “Hate the Blue” or “Back the Blue”…instead of seeking to understand how in this pressure-packed, stressful social & political climate we can all find our way towards grace & unity.  We all can do our own little part to better comprehend exactly what our law enforcement professionals go through day-in & day-out.  When we give each other some space for context & nuance, we can actually have meaningful conversations.

Rhonda & I do our best to not reveal the full identity of this person (no last names); as he’s spent many years of his career working undercover, and may be called on to do so again.  Additionally, he and his team currently work in some pretty tough areas across town, so we try to respect anonymity.  All y’all need to worry about is you’re gonna hear from a real-life, everyday HERO.

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